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Labmed Solutions offers a wide array of high quality and affordable products ranging from pipette and pipette accessories, to shakers, to high precision instrumentation for all of our client's needs. Get in touch with us or see our product lines below for more information. 


Labmed Solutions is an authorized service provider and distributor for BrandTech pipettes and micropipettes and for Vaccubrand products.


Because we want to offer our customers only the best, we choose to distribute high-quality and innovative brands.


Labmed Solutions offers high-quality and affordably priced instruments designed specifically to meet the most stringent precision, accuracy, ergonomics and safety standards.


Labmed Solutions brand shakers were specifically designed to run for extended periods of time in difficult conditions. They are ideal for use in incubators and cold rooms.



Fill out the form below to request a quote for pipette or other laboratory product purchases; for pipette calibration, maintenance or repair; or for our certification services. We will contact you very shortly.

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