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Labmed Solutions: Authorized distributor of IKA products

Because we want to offer our customers only the best, we choose to distribute high-quality and innovative brands. This is why we are an authorized distributor of IKA products, including the latest generation of IKA blade stirrers.

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IKA is a world leader in scientific equipment:

  • Hot baths and hot plates

  • Stills

  • Homogenisers

  • Circulating baths

  • Magnetic stirrers

  • Laboratory stirrers


Looking for an IKA product that’s not listed? Ask one of our Lab Med Solutions advisors. We also maintain, repair and perform after-sale service on all the IKA products we distribute.


Fill out the form below to request a quote for pipette or other laboratory product purchases; for pipette calibration, maintenance or repair; or for our certification services. We will contact you very shortly.

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