We are proud to offer the CURIS system to decontaminate your research environment. This system can deliver a repeatable 6-log reduction of pathogenic spores thus ensuring the efficient decontamination of all your work areas and research equipment. CURIS is based on the use of a patented 7% Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide solution which is approved by Health Canada, leaving you with peace of mind that your materials and staff are not exposed to the harmful effects of other high-consequence decontamination solutions available on the market. We have done several Laboratory Decontaminations including Cold Rooms and CO2 incubators.

Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide (HHP™)
Our Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide technology is a mixture of micro-aerosol and vapor. This combination allows us to have superior coverage with smaller devices and allows us to avoid some of the microclimate/condensation risks associated with traditional VHP. Our patented Pulse technology pulses the system on and off for an activated well phase to guarantee the proper exposure. These two technological advantages help us to achieve such a strong kill with a low concentration/low consequence chemical.

CURIS 3 HHP Generator
The CURIS 3 provides validatable and EPA registered whole room biodecontamination using only 7% hydrogen peroxide. Application is as simple as entering the cubic footage of the room you want to decon – the system will do the rest. The CURIS 3 has clear advantages over the competition…
• Portable – Can be wheeled or carried, weighing only 40 lbs.
• Powerful – Can treat up to 12,000 cubic feet per device for a 6-log repeatable result
• Versatile – Can be used with attachments to either hand spray a targeted surface or engulf an entire lab in hybrid hydrogen peroxide.
• Smart – Can sync multiple devices together wirelessly and be operated by an APP from outside the room
• Automated – Can attach to accessories that treat closed looped equipment like TRINITY
• Easy – Self calculates dimensions
• Fixed – Can integrate into facility designs and spaces seamlessly having the capability of automatic decontamination

In addition to our CURIS 3, we also have our TRINITY for closed loop systems to decon HEPA caissons, BSCs, etc., or can integrate directly into equipment or facilities.

Please let us know if you would like to set up a demo so we can show you how CURIS System can help you and your team. We are here to help and we would be happy to come by and do a demo for you to show you the CURIS difference. At the end of the day, your success is our success!

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