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Specialized in the certification of cleanrooms from consultation before during and after delivery to qualification and continued performance validation and operational reports

Our philosophy is to offer superior service while fostering a long-term relationship with each customer. Our trained and certified (CETA, NSF-49) technicians will analyze and certify your scientific work environments, focusing on excellence and ironclad security. After certifying each biological safety cabinet, cleanroom, chemical fume hood or other scientific equipment, you receive a detailed report of the results. You also receive recommendations for solving any problems that may have been detected.

All of our certification procedures and recommendations meet industry standards.

Cleanroom analysis and certification

Here is a list of analyses offered by our teams of qualified technicians:​

  • Particle count

  • Measurement of air-change per hour

  • HEPA filter integrity testing

  • Measurement of room pressure differentials

  • Temperature measurement

  • Relative humidity measurement

  • Sound level measurement

  • Light metering

  • Sampling of viable particles

  • Count of non-viable particles


  • Support zone, Anteroom

  • Microbiological analysis

Labmed Solutions respects the following standards for cleanroom certification at all times:

  • ISO 14644

  • USP 797

  • IEST RP-CC006.x , RP-CC002.x, RP-CC034.x

  • NSF-49

  • CAG-009-00

  • CAG-003-2006

  • CAG-008-2010


Fill out the form below to request a quote for pipette or other laboratory product purchases; for pipette calibration, maintenance or repair; or for our certification services. We will contact you very shortly.



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